Lamson Liquid

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  • Description
  • The Lamson Liquid, an affordable high-performance freshwater reel, combines a pressure cast design with unique design elements.
  • Details
  • Design

    Liquid Courage - The Liquid sports features unique to cast reel construction that truly afford anglers multiple advantages on the water. The Liquid has full-radiused compound curves, near-zero radius inside corners, and a precise fit and finish. The design of the Liquid is intelligently engineered so the angler gets the most out of his/her money.



    Polyurethane Case and Spool - The Liquid is finished with Polyurethane that protects the reel’s cast design. Polyurethane is an affordable alternative to anodizing and protects the Liquid during travel, transport, and time on the water.



    Pressure Cast Aluminum Frame and Spool - One of the things that keeps the Liquid lightweight and affordable is its cast design. Reel frame and spool are made with an aluminum pressure cast design.



    Type - The Liquid, like many other Lamson reels, comes with a sealed Conical Drag System. A Conical Drag is lightweight and extremely strong. Lamson is known for this system and they’ve perfected it over many years of research, development, and design.

    Materials - The Conical Drag of the Liquid is made with a proprietary Teflon/Delrin Alloy that’s blitzing strong and seriously lightweight. Lamson has perfected the balance of weight vs. strength in this reel and this proprietary Alloy is a major reason why.