Pro Edition Oyster Knife - White

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  • Designed for opening thicker-shelled oysters, use in commercial-volume kitchens, and for the experienced shucker, the Toadfish professional edition oyster knife is for serious oystermen.

    This commercial oyster knife features a thicker blade design than the signature Put Em’ Back® Oyster Knife with less flex, more shucking power, and increased leverage. This knife also sports a sharp blade edge for easy entry so please use caution when handling.

    • Sharp tip & sharpened sides designed for professional/commercial-volume kitchens and the experienced shucker.
    • Capable of opening larger thicker shelled oysters like those found on the Gulf Coast.
    • Japanese stainless steel, stain-free, rust-resistant  blade with a bent tip design
    • The ergonomic thumb print handle design eliminates hand slippage making shucking safer.
    • Use two Allen wrenches, 2.5mm to tighten as needed.
    • Blade through design creates one of the most durable oyster shuckers on the market.
    • A multi-purpose oyster knife designed to shuck raw and steamed oysters.
    • Sharp edges on the entire sides of the knife for cutting oysters easily from the shell.